Software evolves, it grows and contracts, with a series of choices. Inevitably, that process can be messy at times. The developers that came before you faced constraints that are likely unknown to us now.


Might. Might is a dangerous word. Might is a word that lends hope to empty promises. It's a word that bestows risk.

Shadow of a mentor

It's scary to take the reigns. It's easy to make choices when you have reliable support. It's easy to make decisions when you have someone to validate them. In these situations: observe, absorb, learn.

Time: The Fundamental Stressor

When it comes to stress, your feelings are real but the agitators behind them might not be. If we can just establish realistic expectations, we can ground our burdens. It allows us to take control of a situation and bring balance to something that might otherwise feel insurmountable.

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