Chris Banner

Chris Banner
Dad, husband, software engineer,
music lover, baseball fan, proud introvert.

How do you put food on the table?

I am a team lead for an international group of software engineers with a major digital experience vendor. Together, we’re responsible for the design and development of a social content platform.

My background is eclectic. I’ve helped to build development tools, flight optimization platforms, and content delivery systems. I’ve worked in software quality, development, and engineering leadership. Throughout the evolution of my career, an interest in building simple, maintainable systems prevails. This is what brings me the most creative satisfaction.

What gets you excited?

Creating, learning, problem solving. Spin them into any activity and I’m in. Music is a constant inspiration. Baseball is my pastime. Books are a go-to source for growth, wonder, and diversion.

What is

This site hosts my annual mixtapes, which sample my favorite records for a given year. I’m an avid fan of everything from folk to hip hop though I can’t play a lick. I have a lot of fun curating jams for friends and family. So, this project has become a bit of a year-end tradition.

This domain also serves this blog. I enjoy writing and I find this to be a great creative and professional outlet.

The domain’s name is borrowed from a lyric of Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”.